1. Rob Williams

    Apple's Upcoming MacBook's to Use NVIDIA Chipsets & GPUs

    From our front-page news: After countless rumors, Apple's October 14th press event is official, and there's no question that it will be new MacBook's they'll be showing off, and little else. Both MacBook lines are to be not only refreshed, but overhauled. The most popular rumor is that the new...
  2. Rob Williams

    Not-So-Fun Stuff Found on Some ASUS Notebooks

    From our front-page news: I've mentioned in the past that ASUS makes some killer notebooks, and I stand by that, since almost every one I've ever touched has pleased me. What I never saw on any of the notebooks, though, were software cracks, employee résumés or internal company documents. No, I...
  3. Rob Williams

    Creative Releases Notebook Audio Card Suitable for Wireless Streaming

    From our front-page news: External audio solutions for notebooks is nothing new, but as we've found out in the past, it's rarely that impressive. The new Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook audio card might change some minds though, as it's equipped with the proven X-Fi chip and plugs into virtually any...
  4. Rob Williams

    Gateway T-6836 14.1" Notebook

    Notebooks are more popular than ever, and the vast selection is incredible. There's a notebook for everyone, and in the case of Gateway's T-6836, if you are looking for something in between a netbook and a $1,000 model - you are covered. It carries certain downsides, but still packs enough...
  5. Rob Williams

    ASUS Lamborghini VX3 Defines Mobile Luxury

    From our front-page news: I doubt it's a secret to a single person reading this that small notebooks are in, and large notebooks are for the workstation crowd, or those who don't have a desktop. The sheer ease of netbooks or light notebooks make them an ideal choice for those on the go often...
  6. Rob Williams

    HP Promises 24-Hour Battery-Life with New Technologies

    From our front-page news: Ask any mobile warrior for their biggest complaint about computing on the go, and the answer will be, without fail, "battery-life". The issue becomes worse as your craving for power increases, and some of today's popular notebooks (15.4" and upwards) suffer with less...
  7. Rob Williams

    Lenovo Requests Signed NDA for Windows License Reimbursement

    From our front-page news: If you happen to own multiple copies of Windows Vista, or prefer Linux, then purchasing a new laptop can be a pain in the side. The fact is, part of the laptop's price is the Windows' license, and on a good day, it's valued at around $130, but that may vary depending on...
  8. Rob Williams

    MSI Launches GX620 and GX720 Gaming Notebooks

    From our front-page news: MSI's Wind sub-notebook has been doing a fantastic job of hogging the limelight of their product line-up lately, but their new gaming notebook releases might help pull some eyes away from the proposed Eee PC-killer. The GX620 and GX720 notebooks come in at 15.4" and 17"...
  9. Rob Williams

    Dell Announces Vostro 2510 Business Notebook

    From our front-page news: It was less than a week ago that I was lusting over Dell's latest Inspiron and Studio Hybrid release, but their Vostro 2510 has done a good job of keeping my mind off of them. The latest Vostro model starts off at $899 on the official Dell website and includes a T5670...
  10. Rob Williams

    Apple to Skip Intel Chipsets in Upcoming MacBook Lineup?

    From our front-page news: When Apple first jumped onto the Intel bandwagon, fans cheered. Making the move to an x86 processor meant great compatibility, and given Intel's most-recent track-record, it also meant getting a much faster product. Well if recent reports are to be believed, then Apple...
  11. Rob Williams

    Dell Announces Cheap 13" Notebook, Hybrid PC

    From our front-page news: I have to admit, it's been a while since Dell has released something to truly impress me, but today, they launched two different products that take care of just that. First is the 13" Inspiron notebook, which will retail for under $800 and without even seeing the specs...
  12. Rob Williams

    Voodoo "Unboxes" the Envy 133

    From our front-page news:It was only the other day that the veil was taken off of Voodoo's new Envy 133, and now Rahul Sood, CTO for HP's Gaming Business, has posted numerous "unboxing" pictures on his blog. You may just want to grab a towel to wipe off any potential drool. This thing is...
  13. Rob Williams

    Voodoo Envy 133 is Expensive, but Gorgeous

    From our front-page news: Big notebooks are out and small notebooks are in. I personally didn't realize how great smaller notebooks could be until I first took a look at a Hypersonic offering back in May, then proceeded by an ASUS offering which shared the same form-factor. I don't recall a time...
  14. Rob Williams

    Hypersonic's Avenger AG2 Now Available

    From our front-page news: We posted a review of Hypersonic's brand-new 12-inch notebook two weeks ago, and were impressed overall. It's not the best-looking machine on the planet, but the pricing was right, and so was the performance (understatement). Well, the machine has now launched, and is...
  15. Rob Williams

    UK Notebook Builder Rock Attempts to Sell the Company

    From our front-page news: Popular UK-based notebook manufacturer Rock has gone into administration and appointed Deloitte & Touche LLP to help sell the company. In a notice on their website, Rock points out that part of the reason for failure is due to "the cash flow difficulties faced as a...
  16. Rob Williams

    Post a picture of your mobile PC!

    This seems to do well in other forums, so I thought I would throw it here as well. If you are proud of your Mobile PC, including PDA's, feel free to post a pic of it here! Ahh.. how geeks get off.