Dell Announces Cheap 13" Notebook, Hybrid PC

Rob Williams

Staff member
From our front-page news:
I have to admit, it's been a while since Dell has released something to truly impress me, but today, they launched two different products that take care of just that. First is the 13" Inspiron notebook, which will retail for under $800 and without even seeing the specs, I already want one. The style is similar to the Studio line-up launched not long ago, so the color scheme is vibrant and the overall style is superb.

I've become a huge fan of small notebooks over the past few months, and if the specs at all match up to the great style of this one, then I'll have to seriously consider a purchase. It will not have locked specs, so upgrading certain components will be a sure thing. All I hope to see is an extended battery, and with a $1,000~ price tag, it should prove to be one killer option in the notebook scheme of things.

Also announced was a brand-new PC called the Studio Hybrid. Similar in size to ASUS' Eee Box, this PC is small... so small, that it would fit beside your modest-sized monitor and actually look good. Although the bubbly-design doesn't quite sell me, the color schemes are absolutely sweet, especially the bamboo, which will -actually- become available (you hear that, ASUS?) once fully launched. I highly recommend taking a look at these new products on Dell's Flickr site.

I also recommend checking out the press release as linked below, because there is a lot more information I couldn't stuff into three short paragraphs.


As with Dell's recently announced Studio laptops, the Studio Hybrid was designed to enhance personal expression and creative living. Dell's smallest desktop PC, about the size of a collegiate dictionary, can fit just about anywhere. Depending on the location or decor, the Studio Hybrid can be set up in a vertical or horizontal orientation, and be personalized with a choice of seven optional, interchangeable external finishes or color sleeves: Bamboo, Emerald, Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Slate, and Topaz.

Source: Dell Press Release