Lenovo Requests Signed NDA for Windows License Reimbursement

Rob Williams

Staff member
From our front-page news:
If you happen to own multiple copies of Windows Vista, or prefer Linux, then purchasing a new laptop can be a pain in the side. The fact is, part of the laptop's price is the Windows' license, and on a good day, it's valued at around $130, but that may vary depending on the notebook vendor. Luckily, we've known for a while that getting that money back, if you choose not to run the preinstalled version, was possible, but Lenovo decided to complicate the process.

When one Czech user decided to inquire Lenovo on getting his cash back, they agreed to write a $130 check, but only if he signed a non-disclosure agreement, barring him from being able to tell others of the deal, or that it's even possible. Of course, their foolishness only leads to the story blowing up, and now more people than ever are more aware of the possibility. Nice move there.

If you purchase a Lenovo and want your money back from the Windows license, you might as well just sign the NDA now, because it's public knowledge already, and won't accomplish much of anything. I'm curious to see if they will retain the NDA now that this Czech users story has made headlines. I'm leaning towards 'yes', but I could be wrong.


A clause in the Windows end user license agreement (EULA) says that consumers who do not accept all the terms of the license can return the software for a full refund. When Paral brought this aspect of the license to the attention of Lenovo, the company agreed to pay him roughly $130 for terminating the license.

Source: Ars Technica