Creative Releases Notebook Audio Card Suitable for Wireless Streaming

Rob Williams

Staff member
From our front-page news:
External audio solutions for notebooks is nothing new, but as we've found out in the past, it's rarely that impressive. The new Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook audio card might change some minds though, as it's equipped with the proven X-Fi chip and plugs into virtually any ExpressCard slot.

What makes this one noteworthy is that it allows for wireless operation. Essentially, you could plug it in, sit on the couch free of any cords and still be enjoying your music from the speakers of your liking - at least ones that use simple RCA jacks or line-out, 5.1 listeners are out of luck.

The audio card itself will retail for $89.99, while the Wireless Receiver retails for $69.99. The latter isn't required if you have no interest in being truly wireless, or if you sit at a desk all the time and don't mind being plugged in.


You can place up to four speaker systems with Creative Wireless Receivers up to 100 feet away from your notebook and your audio will play wirelessly with no delays or dropouts, without requiring a wireless network. You can also set up individual zones to control playback independently in specific rooms.

Source: Creative Press Release