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    Wacom Intuos5 touch Medium Tablet Review

    It has been a while since I've done a review, huh? n__n Nice to get the chance to work on something. And wow! Yeah I remember that review. It was such a terrible mouse, too. >.< And thanks, Greg. :) LoL! I'm a girl, but you don't have to believe me. ;D Ahh, that's as good as 'Many Men...
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    In need of a little assistance.

    Hi everyone. So this morning I turn on my PC and to my wonderful surprise my system is not using the graphics card, and my screen's graphics are all wonky (little dashes, pixel spots, lines, etc.) along with an epic max 800x600 resolution. I have the error: Code 10, Device cannot start...
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    What exactly is wrong with the March?

    LoL, I have Sonic the Hedge Hog 1 on my iPod touch, been playing it off and on. Nothing like classic games. And I know, that's a lot of title releases for this month. Sadly I'll probably not play any of them now or in the near future. I'm kinda jaded with games right now. Though I will...
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    WOO HOOO! One of my favorite movies of all time... finally has a sequal!!!

    I saw the trailer for this a while ago, but was unsure of the actual release date. It sure looks awesome though. :D
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    Do you suck at cooking?

    Cactus... haha. :D I think I'm a decent cook, not the best, but I enjoy it. :) Yeah, french toast does sound good... :D
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    Why Ad-Blocking Hurts the Sites You Love

    Yes, I know we had a talk about this not too long ago. ;) To be honest, though, the reason I have the ad blocker was because I was so sick of seeing all those Evony ads everywhere. That advertiser seriously needs to stop it, for their ads were just horrible. Completely distasteful, and they...
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    Wacom Intuos4 Professional Pen Tablet

    Intuos 4 Oh yes, I also believe the Intuos 4 to be a serious artists tool. I used the medium for the review, I'm sure the large is mighty impressive. The tablet is fantastic, and the nib on mine also seems to have stopped compression now. It was my first initial worry, but it appears to be...
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    Looking for a new card, any suggestions?

    Thanks for the help guys. :D
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    Looking for a new card, any suggestions?

    Hey guys! :) I'm looking to get a new graphics card for my system. I've scaled back on gaming since I started school, but I do get in a game every now and then and all I get is lag, lag, lag. I have to drop my card settings down considerably to even enjoy things... and then the game just...
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    Looking for a good free MMO

    There are quite a few games out there you could look at, that are free to play. But it also depends on what style of game you are looking for. Cutesy or realistic? PvP,PvE, or both? Shaiya,, is a F2P game and is set up nice, and is currently the game I'm...
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    Big Dog

    I don't know whether to be amazed... or totally freaked out. You see the way that thing moves!? O.O Wow...
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    Portable gaming anyone?

    I play Dynasty Warriors vol 2 on it a lot when I'm out and about. It's easy to do quick games with it. If you like rpg titles I'd recommend Generation of Chaos. It's a pretty good game, a rpg strategy sort. Also have D&D Tactics, Dragoneer's Aria, Valhalla Knights and Monster Hunter. I...
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    Mugshot Page

    Alright... well I know I don't post up here often, which is my bad, but I'm around regardless. I tend to read but not reply... for I usually don't know what to say. >.< So yeah, anyway here's me. Piccy taken a few min ago. Blargh. Nice to see what all you guys look like. ^^
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    Sonic Unleashed is Official

    My sentiments exactly, Greg. I love Sonic, and seeing how they've gone and sent him down #@#@'s creek without a paddle has been upsetting. I'm sorry but Sonic will always be a 2D scroller, no matter how hard they keep trying to make it 3D. I find that games who don't stick to their roots end...
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    Uwahah, yes. Still working on unlocking characters, but it is quite fun. ^^