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umm the other computer my parents use is a laptop using the WMM might work, and I game wirelessly on my 360 and my laptop


Help with wireless connection

I bougth this item a few months back, it worked perfect being connected via ethernet. Now that I moved it down two rooms away I ran the setup wizard again and tried it wirelessly. The TEW 637AP seems to receive wireless connection from my router, even when I scan for networks with my phone/xbox360/psp, etc, the TRENDnet637 network shows and it also shows as having an excellent connection. The problem I have is that once I try connecting the equipments to the network, they cannot obtain an IP address and the connection drops. Any ideas what the problem might be? is there any settings I need to change in the routers page and/or the TEW 637AP page? Please help if you have any suggestions. Thanks.

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How do you have the 637AP setup? Do you have DHCP enabled? If you do, you will want to disable it and let your router handle the IP address assigning.

Have you tried to hard set your IP address on the device you are trying to connect to the 637? If so, try that and see if you can communicate over the network.

Sorry for the delay in response. Good luck and post back with your results.


I tried to setup the TEW-637AP to get 'N' speed and got a little confused. Here's a few questions:

1. During 1st setup run the cd and connect the RJ-45 cable from my wirelessG router to TEW-637AP and use another RJ-45 cable to connect my computer to my wirelessG router as well and perform step 8 to 21 from the Installation Guide. Right?
2. Then disconnect the RJ-45 cables all-together and connect one RJ-45 cable from the TEW-637AP to my computer. Update saved firmware from TrendNet to the TEW-637AP from my computer and configure security, disable DCHP on TEW-637AP, set channel to either 1 or 11 since my wireless router uses channel 6, and set range from 20 to 20/40, etc. Right?
3. Then disconnect the RJ-45 cable from my computer and reconnect the RJ-45 cable from 637AP back to my wirelessG router. Right?
4. Then access my wirelessG router wirelessly to turn off SSID broadcasting. Right?
5. Then try to connect wirelessly from all my PCs to the TEW-637AP using the new security setup.
6. The SSIDs of my wirelessG router and TEW-637AP has to be different. Right?
7. The security of both my wirelessG and TEW-637AP can be the same; using WEP, or keeping the wirelessG at WEP and TEW-637AP using WAP, or can both be set to WAP? Please advise.

I cannot find any clear answers from their User's Guide or Installation Guide or the web.

Thanks for your help!
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Hi tirasong:

I'm a noob when it comes to networking equipment, so I'll ping Greg and see if he can tackle your question. He's currently out of town though, so it might not be immediate. Just a heads-up :D


Here is what I did to get my TEW-637AP to work at 300Mbps:
1. Set up using the CD-ROM provided. It is important to only use WPA2-PSK using the AES algorithm or disable wireless security.
2. In the AP's web interface set the following in Basic Wireless Settings:
Repeater Mode Support: Disable
Wireless Mode: 802.11n only
Frequency (Channel): Select a channel from 1 to 11 that is free (12-13 does not seem to work). You can use inSSIDer to find a free channel.
Operating Mode: Green Field
Channel Bandwidth: 20/40
Guard Interval: Auto
MCS: Auto
Reverse Direction Grant: Enable
Extension Channel: (set automatically)

At this point I got 300Mbps reported in the wireless connection dialog box. However the actual throughput will never be this high. You can use the program LAN Speed Test to do some measurements of actual throughput. I got around 70Mbps as I was using 100Mbps switch.

More interesting info can be found here: