Barnes & Noble: New Nook


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Barnes & Noble has announced the New Nook, which can be pre-ordered for now and will become available June, 10.

What they say:
- 50% more contrast than the first edition (you can read in full sunlight)
- Change text size and font
- 80% smoother page turn and flashing minimized
- 8 ounces (~225 grams)
- Huge battery life; one charge = 2 months of reading
- $139 Wi-Fi version

If that battery life is for real (I have to assume 2 months of natural usage, not two months being On all the time) this pretty much eliminates Nook Color off my buying list and I will definitely go with this B&W edition, since color isn't that important for me.

Not the prettiest thing. But damn sexy.

See it here.
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Hey Marfig, sounds like a nice Nook update!

I don't know that much about the Nook... is it a free access reader? Does it allow all sorts of file formats, no restrictions on ebook / text doc types you can upload to it? Or is it more like iTunes where users have to circumvent the software to upload music from third parties?


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That has been my major concern too. Like you, I didn't know much about it. But I was assured here (post #7) that it isn't vendor locked. I have quite a big collection of pdfs I bought elsewhere, pdfs I downloaded and pdfs I created that couldn't be used, otherwise. And that would make Nook pretty much useless to me.


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I do have about 300 .pdf files from all kinds of sources ... books, MS Power Points written to .pdf that have no issue with the Nook. I do like the price on your find, but color is useful for me.

I bought an 8 GB microSDHC memory expansion card. I wish that I had looked a bit longer & purchased at least a 16 GB card!!! Several hundred .pdf books is no longer unreasonable.

One issue that I am thinking about, and perhaps it is already available but I cannot find it, is a way to reference specific pages ... dog ear or PostIt note a specific page. That would make it the perfect reference library as far as I am concerned!


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Well, with this one you can bookmark pages and even highlight passages of text.

It's reasonable to assume it shouldn't take long for them to announce the All-New Nook Color. So you will probably want to wait :)


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This thing sounds like a baby pacifier. My wife just came to me with puppy dog eyes asking for a Kobo Touch. :S