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  1. Rob Williams

    NVIDIA Releases 4GB Quadro FX 5800

    From our front-page news: Last month, NVIDIA unveiled a special Quadro model, CX, which was designed with Adobe's latest CS4 suite in mind. One that offers the perfect blend of speed and features to give all of what professionals will need while sitting at their desk. Today, the company...
  2. Rob Williams

    NVIDIA at a Disadvantage Due to their Choice of Solder?

    From our front-page news: NVIDIA hasn't been having the best of news to pass around lately, and it sure doesn't look like that run is going to end anytime soon. New reports out of the Electronic Thin Film lab of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of California...
  3. Rob Williams

    Sandra 2009 Brings GPGPU Benchmarking to our Toolbox

    From our front-page news:SiSoftware, creators of one of the most popular benchmarks ever, have released version 2009 of Sandra. We've used Sandra in our reviews for as long as the site's been around, and it's likely easy to understand why. It offers a slew of different tests, from ones that...