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    I've been burned.

    I must have forgot to mention that although I know one drive is bad since it doesn't show in bios, but the other three do. That's why I still think there is a good chance that the data is still there, like my ex-, just not giving it up.
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    I've been burned.

    So quite literally I have been burned. I was the lucky victim of a house fire this summer. Lucky referring to the fact that my hard drives (sorta) and clothes survived. No one was home and the house was just about a total loss, but that's what insurance is for. Here's where I stand. I had a...
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    Dell M1330 external display

    You would think that but it's Dell. When I enter the service tag it comes back with only 2 drives. One for BIOS and the other for diagnostics. Intel's driver tell me that my system doesn't meet minimum requirements. It started working the other night, but it stopped soon after. I'm on a second...
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    Dell M1330 external display

    I'm doing this for my parents so I don't need to hear why did you buy a Dell. I just upgraded this M1330 to windows 7 from vista. Everything went smoothly until this week. The lcd they had hooked up quit working. It worked while I installed 7 and days later, but it just stopped. The monitor was...
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    Spam someone's email?

    I keep getting harassed by low-ball offers from this guy from craigslist. Anyone know where I can signup his email to flood him with offers on pills from Canada and from the Nigerian president? I figure he's just an entrepreneur and I'd like to help him get rich quick.
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    Is RAID Almost a Thing of the Past?

    I have a 1.1TB RAID 5 and I woudn't trade it for the world. I know that no matter how cruel I am to the OS and how cruel it is to me I will always sleep soundly because I know that I have a hardware RAID and it has worked everyday since I implemented it.
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    Experience with Corsair RMA

    I sent one in a few weeks ago, they told me that since they were purchased at a set they needed to be returned as a set. I just told them no or give me a coupon so I can buy more ram, so they approved the RMA and about a week later they emailed me saying that my replacement was outbound. Overall...
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    Cheep 9800 GT

    Yup. Try breaking $100 with items that cost $99.99. I only shop there when I can match deals elsewhere because Discover gives an additional 5% cashback when you shop there using the link from Discover.
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    GotoMYPC Alternatives

    Thanks. I'll give it a shot while I'm in my music class today.
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    Cheep 9800 GT

    If you spend over $100 shipping is $1.99. :)
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    GotoMYPC Alternatives

    We use Goto at work and I would love to have it, but I'm not paying $20/mo to be able to log in at school and upload the paper I typed and forgot to upload. Window Remote access is clumsy at best, you can't connect to a computer running vista home premium(guess what I have) and then it logs out...
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    Cheep 9800 GT

    Rob, I know you love rebates so this one is for you buddy.
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    CoolIT Releases Affordable Liquid-Cooling for CPUs with the Domino

    How did it stack up? If it can keep up with the Thermalright Ultra then I will be willing to consider it but how quiet is it in the overall picture?
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    Google Loses up to $1.65 Million Per Day on YouTube

    Good, I don't like Google, they just try to muscle into everything. Maybe they will go under and Lycos will become the predominant search engine!
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    Folding Machine

    I could also cut half of the back plate off if I was so inclined, but that's a lot of work. I did not know that the 4770 is replacing the 4830. The optimizer app says 46/48 series only. Wouldn't that be better for price, if they are discontinued that would help the vendors move them out the...