Who's seen the new Cosmos II case?


Basket Chassis
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Yes, but it retailed for $800. Then comes the Level 10 GT. Now they have the Level 10 GTS, which I haven't looked at and frankly don't want to. Thermaltake ruined the product line by watering it down with a mainstream product.


Soup Nazi
I asked because it stands to reason that if you reduce the volume of air around each component and put a fan in there that evacuates the air completely you're increasing the air replacement per minute which means improved cooling.

Rob Williams

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I think it was inevitable that Thermaltake would produce "watered-down" versions of the Level 10. For every Level 10 that the company would sell, it would sell 100 Level 10 GTs (I am obviously hauling this number out of my ass, but it wouldn't be far from the truth). You have to be a special person to want to spend nearly $1K just for your chassis.

And after building my mom's rig with a Level 10 GT, I am definitely glad it exists. It's sweet as hell.