Upgrading to a Corsair Obsidian 800D Chassis and H60 CPU Cooler

Rob Williams

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As one might expect, being that I deal with a lot of benchmarking and testing of new hardware, I tear down and build up PCs often - but rarely my own. It's only on occasion when I'll take a look at my own PC and realize that a change needs to be made. Sometimes it's performance-related, other times its aesthetics-related, or it could desired change out of need, such as with my latest upgrade.


Read the rest of the post and then discuss it here! Bring on the discussion about your own recent upgrades as well!


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B E A U tiful man! I love it! Good to see you r not one of those guys(3dgameman) who shove 2 or 3 massive GPUs into their builds! :eek:
Well, you've seen my recent upgrade so, nothing for me to add, except I'll be looking for a GPU upgrade but by this year's end we might see some new GPUs from the reds and greens so, i shall wait!

So this means you'll finally be editing ur PC specs signature?!? :D
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I've seen the light, brother Rob. After tinkering with the 650D and seeing the 800D up close, they're pretty sweet. This morning I finally installed the H60 into our new chassis testing system and it went in like buttah!


Get some fans for the top of that case, boy!

***EDIT: TCS has the right idea. Budget cases FTW!


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hmmmm, Mike Meyers, Madonna, & Rosie .... hahah

Our people ... .. . LOL

Oh, yes back to buttah ... "like 2 stick of buttah lashed together in a rough huned mannah." I'll believe when you describe the effort to blow the dust out in a few to several months.

Ok, the crotch shot of Rosie at the very "end" was ... uhh ... unexpected.