Unboxing GIGABYTE's A75-UD4H Socket FM1 Motherboard

Rob Williams

Staff member
AMD this week began shipping out its first 32nm Fusion processors in the form of the mobile part 'Sabine', based on the Llano architecture. The desktop variant, Lynx, is set to launch in the next couple of weeks. Some motherboard vendors have begun sending us boards to help us test out AMD's latest and greatest (greatest in terms of tech, not performance), with GIGABYTE's A75-UD4H being the first to hit our step.


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Tech Monkey
Staying tuned. I really want to see AMD bring back some speed with this socket, only Rob will tell. (c;


Basket Chassis
Staff member
That's an awesome little board. Too bad it can't handle Bullydozer to make a nice budget board.