Unboxing ASUS' F1A75-M PRO Socket FM1 Motherboard

Rob Williams

Staff member
We took a look at GIGABYTE's ATX A75-UD4H motherboard a couple of weeks ago, and in the post, I mentioned that I'd love to take a look at an mATX FM1 board since that seems to be the perfect platform for what AMD's upcoming Lynx chips are going to be offering. Well, lo and behold, an ASUS F1A75-M PRO showed up last week, and as the 'M' would suggest, it's in fact an mATX offering.


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Basket Chassis
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This is an awesome little toy. Glad to see you wiped the drool off of it before you snapped the shots.

It's insane what is being put on motherboards now. Back in the day a mATX board had just the bare bones and was pretty much locked down or limited in every aspect.