Ultra X-Finity FlexForce 500W Power Supply

Rob Williams

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The boys and girls at Ultra have made a bit of a name for themselves with their line of power supplies. While PSU's aren’t their only products, they are their most famous. Their first big name PSU was the X-Connect and it was labeled as the “World’s first fully modular power supply.†Today, I am taking a look at their new X-Finity PSU.


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Read the review here if you have not already!

My Man Mitch


Great review. I might have to go out and get me on of these beauties! Keep it coming Techgage, keep it coming!



i just recieved this power supply by post and have installed it. But when i try to turn the computer on there are no lights, fans, or any of the components on the computer start up. Even the fan and lights of the psu dont turn on. I have double checked all the connections and have tried pressing the on button numerous times (lol). but yeh nothing, it sux a lot! any ideas?


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Are you sure the switch is on on the PSU? I know, stupid question but I have to ask. Look in the manual on how to jump the PSU (since there's no colors to the wires) and jump the PSU on wire to a ground and see if the PSU powers on. If not RMA it. Ultra is really good and will advance ship you a replacement. Talk to Jon in their forums and tell him madmat sent you.