Think your PC is dirty?


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My old PIII 866 wasn't cleaned in over 5 years and it didn't come close to any of those. After owning my Tempest, which has air filters on each intake fan I won't run another rig without them.


I try to clean mine every month or two. I am always amazed how much dust can get sucked into the case in such a short time.
The worst I have ever seen was a computer that this guy smoked next to (tower on the desk next to him) for five years. You know all those pictures of the stuff that builds up in smokers' lungs? It gets inside computers, too. Yuck.


Basket Chassis
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Back when my wife and I smoked I had a strict rule that it was not to be done next to the PC. Now with fresh, pink lungs I no longer have to worry about that. Plus I have more money and I don't smell like an ashtray. Win/win!


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I have been considering wall mounts for the PCs just to get them away from the floor. An alternative is to put them in a closet with forced filtered air flowing thru.


My friends pcs are the worst. He basically well now, his grandma lives with him, because she's getting very old, but it started out that he lived there. He has a couple friends that hang around there too. All of them smokers, the grandma included. They have super powerful air cooled cases, these are loud powerful fans, so when I asked if I could have his old 6800gt to see if I could revive it via the oven, I thought at first it got so hot it scorched the plastic fan cover..

no that was tar that built up on this card for nearly 3 years. it was disgusting, and extremely hard to remove.