The Wait is Over: AMD Launches its First Bulldozer Processors

Rob Williams

Staff member
After what has felt like an eternal wait, AMD has finally launched its first Bulldozer desktop processors. This launch marks the first time since the original K7 that AMD has about started from scratch, designing a CPU with a fresh mindset and with the ultimate goal of catching up to its biggest competitor. Has it happened? That depends on your perspective.


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Techgage Staff
Staff member
Waited for this for ages, but had to try and read the reviews in-between flights, oi!

I hate to be critical of AMD, but even with my low expectations I was disapointed with this chip. For every bench it did well it then was another bench that its older generation, slower clocked, six-core predecessor beat it. Those 15% performance increases promised by Trinity aren't going to cut it at all now.


Basket Chassis
Staff member
Looks like AMD is dropping the price on the 8-core processors already.