The contest is almost done!


Ohhh.....I can't wait to see who won! If you guys win what are you going to use it for?
I plan on lots of hardcore gaming if I do.


Tech Monkey
I've been around this site for quite awhile. but have not been very active lately. I've currently got a good base of hardware at home that does not have me wanting for much. As such, I want to give others that may not have the resources I do, the chance to win something grand. That is all. No slight against the site or the contest, but more a respectful gesture to those others who frequent here.

Hope you win!


Basket Chassis
Staff member
Hey Tech-Daddy, you clearly have some pretty awesome modding skills. I wonder if Techgage would give away one of your modded cases as a prize? Hehehe.


Partition Master
One contest over, another begins. Pretty much a droolfest.

Solitaire in 3-D, the future beckons. ;)