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The OEM heatsink solution is only a problem in a desktop tower. In a rack mount server with slower host CPUs (but more sophisticated motherboards and many more PCIe channels) AND is designed for the Tesla cards, there is no problem. That and given said servers are in A/C server room making fan noise of little issue.

I thank you Rob for finding the recommendation of the Swiftech MCW82. Even tho I have ordered everything for an independent WC method, I am also pursuing the Zalman air cooling heat sink ... it would be simpler. I don't think anyone here is expecting an erector set assembly despite enthusiasm.

No one has suggested a GTX 580 from anyone fits, thus the reason for pursuing some solution starting several months ago. Before making the original post here I emailed several after market manufacturers & vendors asking for ideas ... not much help. The idea that Rob got from a contact at Nvidia caused me to re-review Switech products.

While I am at it ... kudos to Rob. Since I have been on this forum he has offered the most sensible and consistently sensible advice versus all other sources on the net for computer construction and beer.:D

Even extensive 2D & 3D graphic dynamics would still be a blink versus the hours to days of consistent near 100% GPU double precision utilization in most of 6 GB RAM. These cards have been designed to meet DOE & high performance computer center requirements. Cards such as the GTX 580 are consumerized less expensive versions ... I don't care how intensive a gamer anyone is. Not to mention that eventually you will stop for some human body function. :rolleyes:

I am not complaining, but did want to give credit where credit is due. I also value the ideas and suspected that there must have others out there with a Tesla M2090. BUT, if you are not crunching double precision numbers ... sell your card to me.


The MCW82 is going to hit the little elevated nubs on the black heat plate (the elevated mounting holes for the heat pipe screws) before the water block contacts the GPU. It is going to be hard to mount the block using these 50mm holes because they land right on the edge of the water block. You might be able to remove material on corners of the MCW82 to get it to fit, or remove the elevated bits of the black plate, but this all sounds a but fantastic. One could drill some new holes in the edge of the block and get it to mount, but it looks dicey in terms of the amount of material available.

The same set of potential mounting limitations.headaches exists for any of the air cooled heat sinks.

The original heat pipe works great. I fired mine up with a little 9cfm olc fan, which incidentally fits into the end of the card perfectly and gloms on with some black electrical tape, and it seemed to run fine under load. I will chart some temps from that setup soon. This is like a ten minute mod, including taping the fan on, connecting two wires to a two-pin plug, plugging the fan into the board, installing the card, and putting the case back together.

I may get a bigger diameter squirrel cage fan, as the cfms on the current fan are borderline for a full 225W, but so far this is looking pretty sweet. Barely detectable noise. It can run all the time at full tilt for all I care.

I think you can tell which side of this fence I am landing on. Just wanted to share reasoning and will post results when available.


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Don't worry about fences! I ordered the WC hardware because I am very familiar and comfortable with WC systems. I *know* that the GPU will be cooled. But, there would be minimal air flow across the heat spreader. Of course I have no idea how important that is, but given the crappy OEM TIM between the heat spreaders and the chips I am guessing not too important. Still it is a consideration.

I also have the Zalman GPU air cooler coming. I am actually hoping that it will fit with minimal effort. Not expecting a ready to go kit, but am hoping for minimal modifications AND am preferring the air solution versus water. The card with this Zalman, if it fits w/o a lot of fussing & dremeling, will fit in 2 slots just as a C2070/75 or the M2090

What I do not like about it is that it is mid-ship & not near the end like the C2070. In this regard I am concerned about how much air can be drawn in with a card in the next available slot ... which I have. Soooo, that is why I also have the WC parts coming! :rolleyes:

As for squirrel cage fans, I look at the CFM air flow that they are rated for versus any of the Zalman or Accelero fans as well as the fan on the C2070 I am already using and just am very skeptical about their effectiveness. But I am all ears about your results.

The other "feature" to air cooling is that the fan speed can be controlled by the cheapest thermocouple fan controller. Not so much for noise but the air we breathe really is full of dust that is attracted to heatsinks like tornadoes are to trailer courts.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are the only 3 on the planet that have M2090s & need to adopt to the workstation environment. The WC parts arrive tomorrow; the Zalman arrives Wed. and I have postponed my travel so I will be here this week to try the fit of the various schemes.


Hello again everyone,

I finally am home again and am ready to install my tesla with the EK block into the loop/system. However before I do, id like to toss the OE heatspreader back on the card and get a temp reading on it for comparison sake. Does anyone here know of a software application that supports temp monitoring of the Tesla m2090?