SLi ready Asus AM3 mobo


Hello everyone, newby here and boy am I enjoying reading a lot of good stuff on the boards and the site. Thanks to all.

My question is about the above with the nVid 750i chipset. I am looking to do my first raw build around this and here's why:
> It's TDP can go to 140, and want to pair it with x4 955 Black @ 125.
> I can have 12 usb, 6 sata and a 1334.
> I'll be able to put in a strong DX11 ATI gpu initially and jump over to SLi when the price for DX11 gets around $200 total.
> Risers for ram and sata are out of the way for attached cards (particularly over sized ones) and coolers.
> I can use EPS12V psu 8/24.
> Uses up to 16GB DDR3 to 2200 and supports PCIe 2.0.
> Will be a pretty versatile machine for HTPC and gaming when I want to blow up stuff, but can't.
> Out of pocket after selling off my old boxes with upgrades will only be about $400.
> Has S/PDIF output and 8 channel high def audio.

Here's where I get stuck. I am not into the whole AMD vs nVidia battle. I will use whatever makes the most sense and after doing some chin scratching decide to buy or not to buy.

I can't find too much negative about the 750i NB and am not sure if there's a true compatibility issue here or not.

I am hoping some of you old salts can point me (sans bias) to some research that makes or breaks this build.


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I resent that implication, I'm not old yet! :p

Not playing favorites certainly makes choosing the better product much easier... there is no issue with running ATI graphics cards on an NVIDIA chipset. You might run into the odd driver issue FOR the NVIDIA chipset (Windows 7 may not auto-detect and auto-install them, NVIDIA chipsets most frequently have this issue with any Windows OS). Otherwise if NVIDIA is what you want then there's nothing wrong with it.

I'm just curious, most (or all) of those features can be found on AMD chipsets, was there one in particular that makes you want to choose NVIDIA? Do keep in mind AMD processors can't make use of memory frequencies above DDR3-1333 due to the limitation of the northbridge... they can run them but won't see hardly any boost from them.


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Well, I have all those features except DDR3 2200, mines DDR3 1800 but I really don't see why you could run it at any speed cause its ram, you can OC however you want to whatever speeds are stable. If you want SLI you could get something similar to my board from Asus and use this to make it run SLI Tested working on AMD 780GX, AMD 790GX AMD 790FX chipsets but it should work on ANY board with 2 PCIe slots.


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Thanks, DarkStarr. I'm a one card kind of guy and I knew the tricks existed but that is the first I actually read up on it. Knowledge is power and I just got jacked up!