Screening of English Dubbed Evangelion 3.33 @ NY Comic Con Today!


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I know that Rob says I don't strike him as the type of person who watches anime, but it's true. I'm a total junky.

One series that I have loved (and hated due to the disjointed ending) for years is Neon Genesis Evangelion. I've fought with myself about watching the feature length reboot (ahem, rebuild, sorry) of the series, that strays away from the original TV series, but I finally did it, and now I want more.

Thankfully I'm going to get it because Funimation has announced that it will be screening the English dubbed 3.33 (aka the 3rd feature length episode of the four episode series) at New York's Comic Con today at 8PM!

***Funimation's official press release***

I'm on the fence about the series in general, but dig the fact that they managed to round up the major voice actors from the original series with the exception of Amanda Winn-Lee who voiced Rei. Brina Palencia (she voices Miss Moxxi from the Borderlands series for those who don't know) does a pretty good job though.

Anyway, if the screening is next week, the DVD/Blu-Ray release shouldn't be too far away! Now if only they'd release the final episode!

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