Samsung Hoping to Sell Phones with Flexible Screens in 2012

Rob Williams

Staff member
When visiting trade shows such as CES, we're often exposed to what I like to call "pre-fads" - that is, things that are obvious to become fads as soon as mass-production occurs. We saw it with '3D' TVs, OLED screens, netbooks, tablets and so forth. There's one piece of tech that we've seen time and time again that has yet to make it to market, however: flexible screens.


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Tech Monkey

I agree with you Rob. I wonder if this give rise to the wearable advertising clothing in the near future? Yeah, it's so gonna happen.

Greg King

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Rob, how many CESs have we seen these types of displays? The technology is there, I just hope it's cost effective enough to make its way into consumer devices soon. Though I am at a loss as to how these would be more practical than the standard screens we have on our phones now.