Rumored Intel SSD 700 Series Specifications Leaked

Rob Williams

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If you ask most tech enthusiasts, they will credit Intel with starting the SSD trend as we know it. Which if true, may be why it would surprise some to learn that the original X25-E Intel launched way back in 2008 has never seen a refresh or product update. For those like me with short-term memories, the X25-E was the server / enterprise variant of the famous X25-M series, the key difference being that it featured 50nm SLC flash. SLC flash offers both higher performance and an order-of-magnitude better write durability than the MLC flash used in the consumer X25-M models. Three years is quite a long time, especially given the X25-M line has seen no less than three major updates within the same time frame.


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Basket Chassis
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Well, the price on the 7xx-series is going to be waaaay outside of what I can afford. I'd stick with the M-series. You can consider this to be competition for OCZ's RevoDrive.
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Yeah, these are purely enterprise drives! The OCZ Z-Drive is targeted for enterprise users, but the OCZ Revodrive is not.

Wow! That is awesome! Now i dont know whether i should i buy this one!!

If you want an Intel SSD then I suggest you get the Intel 320 Series SSD... that would be the newest model, it's not named X25-M anymore but it costs the same price as the drive ya listed. The newer SandForce drives are pretty good, too. ;)