Possible MOBO pricewar coming

Rob Williams

Staff member
Haha, nice find! I had no idea that Gigabyte was just so close to ASUS in terms of overall shipments, but it's good to see. I'd be willing to bet that if ASUS dropped prices, then Gigabyte would follow, so I'm not really sure if ASUS would be doing the smart thing by essentially reducing its revenue for no reason.


Basket Chassis
Staff member
I hope so because right now Asus boards are so overpriced that I'm jumping ship to Gigabyte when I upgrade in the next month or two (provided I won't win the 5 year anniversary rig :p). I have used Asus boards from day 1 (except for the one time I used an AsRock board which died after 2 months) so they are losing a long time customer.

To be honest I really don't see Asus boards in my price range offering anything new or exciting like Gigabyte does.