Planned versus consequential upgrades

How do you upgrade?

  • I plan my upgrades

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  • I upgrade when parts fail

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  • I just fix it

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  • Upgrades? I move from totally new build to new build

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My new to me GTX470 will be here today which is my first planned PC upgrade in four years. I did a consequential upgrade last year when my main and storage drives failed and I moved to bigger drives and moved my storage drive to an external unit but that wasn't planned and as I say, it was a consequence of the failure of my existing drives.

This brings me to the pertinent question, how many of your PC upgrades are planned and how many are a result of the need to replace a failed part?

I meant to add an option to for both planned and consequential to the poll but I muffed it.
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Basket Chassis
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My answer is a combination of two - I replace what fails, but for the most part, NOW I go from new rig to new rig.

That is of course subject to change based on the thickness of my wallet.

Tom Roeder

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I've been known to have intermittent issues that I can logically pin down to a local area - inside the tower somewhere. This leads me to replace some parts, then others...then I find out it was just a crappy NVIDIA driver....Oh well, at least I got a bunch of new stuff!