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Well, it's here. I got everything installed and everything's running even cooler than before. All those wires from my PSU were really blocking airflow! Anyway, trying to get pics but my cell phone is being retarded and my point and shoot camera won't work. :p

Hopefully will have some pics soon...I jammed all the extra wires behind the mobo tray lol. Looks a lot neater now though!

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Ouch... both a camera and camera phone are just not working? Talk about bad luck!

Looking forward to seeing the rig in all its glory :D


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Well, I got the pics taken with my phone. They aren't very good, but I'll try uploading them. My SD reader isn't working, and neither is my camera...stupid tech sometimes. :p

Here ya it working. Sorry the shot of the inside is fuzzy..smartphone camera :p
Even though it seems a bit unruly with the wires, gotta remember I have a non-modular PSU. I freaking crammed all the wires behind the motherboard tray and that's the best I could get them to sit lol.


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Not terrible, the PCIE power cables and front panel cables could be done a bit better. Also if at all possible, run that cable from the corsair cooler up and behind the tray instead of across the board. I need to post my images of my modded HAF X. I really need some PCIE sleeved extensions, as well as a 24 pin.