Need For Speed, the movie


Soup Nazi
I found out the other day that the NFS franchise is making a movie. How did I find out? Well it seems they're filming it in and around the Atlanta area. In fact, earlier this week they closed an 11 mile section of I-75 that runs past the place where I live. For four hours no less. Seeing how it turns out will be interesting considering the track record for video game to movie crossovers.


Basket Chassis
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I'm sure it'll end up being a Fast and the Furious-esque movie, but maybe without the criminal undertones.

They just wanna go fast.

Rob Williams

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Kind of cool to be around where a movie is being filmed! I'm looking forward to the movie, and like Optix I believe it will be similar to Fast and the Furious. I think the lead character, played by Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, will suit the role quite well.