My newest mod... BOSS : FX-57

Greg King

I just kinda show up...
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I read that today! Congrats Tech-Daddy, I am happy for you. That is honestly a hot mod. One of the better ones that I have ever seen.


Tech Monkey
Excellent article on your build Craig! It was inciteful reading up on the full progression of the mod. You pulled it of wonderfully and a congratulations is well deserved. Great work! :D

Rob Williams

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I should mention that this mod was also seen in a recent Max PC. You are going far TD... you deserve every bit of respect.


Awesome. The scoop, chromer air-cleaner lid, muscle-car graphics. The only flaw I see is it appears to be based on a Ford rather then a Mopar. ;)


I know it's been making the rounds, but reading about the BOSS in the latest issue of Computer Gaming World is just too sweet. Just too, too sweet...