My newest mod... BOSS : FX-57


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It's all about the details....
I felt it necessary to pull out some of the little things left undone on BOSS, and here are two of the things I have picked up on to complete this weekend.


This was one of those little things that I did not do in the end... the chrome will be smoked with the MetalCast smoke that I used on the middle stripe, and the red color will be painted over with the OSHA orange. There is a little fan inside the unit, as well as a blue LED that I need to replace with a white one to keep it inline with the rest of the mod. Guess I could go orange on the LED too... might esperiment a bit on that route:

While I work on the case build out on DST, since I am out there... figured I'd quit slacking off and get these little ones worked out too!

Pulling that mouse apart was a PITA!!!!

The top over the IC is the blue LED that lights through the vents and the fan. That will be what I replace with a white or orange one.

6 screws holding the internals together.... cripes...

Finally... broken down:

These parts will be OSHA orange:

and these are with the first layer of smoke paint:

I plan on 2-3 more layers of paint on these parts.


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after 2 more coats of "Smoke" and the 2-3 coats of clear:

the top pieces:

Pulled the blue LED out of this beastie, and replaced it with a white 5000mcd light. I then sprayed it with a glass frosting so that the light would disperse and not just spotlight. These pics were prior to me spraying the frost.





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Very impressive Mod, first time I saw it I knew it looked like a car. Not much of a Mustang fan but impressive either way.
Which reminds me, at work, we finished repainting this dude's 87 Mustang. It's a car he used for car shows and light racing. The car was a beautiful sunfire Yellow, and he wanted us to repaint the entire car. So we stripped it down and put on a fresh coat of primer, paint, and clear coat. Cost him 3000 bucks.
Two weeks later, he gets clipped by an 18 wheeler and his insurance wants to total the car even though the car has a racing engine and transmission that costs about 20k alone.
OK I'm getting sidetracked.
Awesome mod.


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Test fit...


couple of take aways on the pics....

Mice have pretty tight clearance tollerances on the buttons, and a thicker paint causes these to stick due to the gaps being tighter.


I am forced to file down the gaps to allow for more space, then repaint the buttons and such to fit properly together... but this should let you know where this baby is going...


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You like that?

Here ya go, finished! The mouse is done!





Here is a little trick I pulled tonight. The Rubber surround on the wheel was a clear rubber, and I wanted the opaqueness of a "tire"... so I took the rubber piece off of the plastic center. I then boiled some water in a glass dish, then poured in 1/2 a package of RIT black dye. Mixed it up good, then dropped the rubber piece into the dye. Let it sit there for about 30 minutes, essentially letting the water cool with the rubber in it. I let the boiling water cool for about 2 minutes prior to adding in the rubber piece for fear that I was going to melt it and mis-shape it.

But the piece came out PERFECT! Opaque black, and still fits the original dimensions!

I need to buy some mouse skates for the oval patches that I took off the bottom, but otherwise it is done!

Rob Williams

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Man, that is seriously impressive, I love it! Because you dyed the scroll wheel, is there a chance that it could wear off on someones finger after a lot of use?


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Rob Williams said:
Man, that is seriously impressive, I love it! Because you dyed the scroll wheel, is there a chance that it could wear off on someones finger after a lot of use?

Dunno... I doubt it though. Ther color should be bonded into the rubber if I understand what I just did properly).

My vinyl dye and my marker, both of those approaches flaked or rubbed off badly.


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That's quite ingenious! I would have never thought to try to dye the rubber. lol It really does look great man! Nice effect and addition to the mod ;) :D


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Just a quick update, I took the Saitek keyboard down to Austin for the AustinModder meeting this last weekend!

I got PoMan, the rework master over there, to generously donate his skills to replacing the surface mount LED's in the keyboard. No blue for BOSS... the keys all illuminate white now! Looks super cool!

But before I go and put up pics, I took the board apart one more time, and I am now painting the external frame OSHA orange (same color as BOSS). I'll be leaving hte keys the silver that they are.

After I get the paint completed, I'm going to work on getting the BOSS logo on the keyboard, possibly some striping.... dunno yet. Still experimenting with the layout.



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Updates on the keyboard as of last night:

Patient is on the table:

Intestines removed. These are the light bars on the Saitek that have the surface mount LED's on them. This is the part that PoMan rocked like a concert! ;)

Putting the boards back in place (notice around the edge

At home on my workbench:

14 TINY little screws holding the keyboard onto the front plastics:

*BAM!* magically they are apart and I have lightly sanded the plastic to give the primer something to grab onto:

"hellp me... pleeeeease!" ;)

White primer, to help brighten the orange when applied:


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First coat of orange:

"BAAAANNZAIIIIIIII!!!!!" Frikken bug... Why the **** can't they get the hint that wet paint is NOT for resting on??!?!?! Look right next to the flash in the middle, and up to the right a bit... see that little booger with wings... lil punk....

*lightly* sanded the bug out and then reshot another orange on the top to even out the paint.

1st clearcoat:

2nd clearcoat:

More later!


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getting closer!!!



I will have the graphics to figure out... but Mmmmm....MMMM!!!!

I like the look of that! ;)


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Well, I botched my CD ROM front panel trying to make it "thinner":



It got sucked into the lower belt cover and smacked around and sanded where it should have been.... ;)

... well, I fixed it last night!

I found my spare 5.25 panel, lopped the legs off of it, plopped it on my belt sander (after adjusting the work stop to be lower so that the front plate would not slip under the stop) , and made it nice and thin!

Then I used some adhesion promoter and colored the front panel to the same color depth as the others!

I now have the front panel attached to the computer, and it was the right thickness, as I hot glued a little piece of acrylic on the inside of the bay cover so that it is positioned right over the eject button. Now, because I sanded down the bay cover, there is a little play in the front, and by pushing the lower right corner of the panel, it depresses the eject button.

Works like a champ now! It does not look ant different than the last panel, only that it now functions to allow for the eject button to be hit!


The family is about done! I just need to get some decal paper for the BOSS logos on the keyboard, but I may be able to take a family picture of everything by this evening!


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That's just hot. I don't care what anyone says. You've put a lot of time and effort into this thing and it does look really great. :D