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Isn't this Mr. Spawner?!

Rob Williams

Staff member
Great pics! What kind of restaurant is that in the first one?

As for all the fuzzy faces, it all evens out since I shave all my body hair.

(not really, but I like to gross people out)


Tech Junkie
Its Pizza Hut. U can see the ketchup in my plate and a small Pizza Hut brochure in the bottom left corner...its an ALL u can eat and drink.... KFC and Pizza Hut put this deal on in the month of Ramazan! its really fun eating ur arse off with pizzas n KFC Zinger Burgers n fries n (after a whole day of fasting) fried chicken breast n...ah ok.........oh man!! hungry............must Eat!..........Must....Ea..*runs to the kitchen*


Tech Junkie
Waddya mean? wadda ya mean by that??!?! HUH! :rolleyes:
lol! just that u be not a kid...u be a man! thats all....!:(

i have this weird thing in me head head that every1 in tech forums n game forums r either kids or teens, seeing that only the teens n kids in me country are into that stuff.... i even thought Merlin was a kid! haha! lol! :D


Tech Monkey
hahaha ... I understood .... you see the looks i get when I pull up a Subie meet. Then they focus on the 800 HP WRX