Mozilla Releases Thunderbird 5.0

Rob Williams

Staff member
Last week saw the release of Mozilla's latest Web browser, Firefox 5, while this week, e-mail lovers get treated to a fresh Thunderbird release, also versioned 5. "What happened to 4???" Great question, but one that's easily answered. The 'rapid release' schedule that Mozilla created for Firefox and its back-end Gecko also applies to Thunderbird, and because Mozilla would rather keep its Gecko-based offerings at the same version, Thunderbird 4 was effectively skipped.


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No ROM battery
Hmm... Guess I should give it a go. Been using Thunderbid for many years, where I centralize both my gmail, work and personal mail accounts.

But this rapid release cycle thingy... I cannot afford to be a thunderbird beta tester. Email is a fundamental tool for my work. Not just actual wage work, but the discussion groups and associations I'm a member of. I don't want to move to another email client at this point, but in case I decide I need to, any good suggestions out there? Gmail integration is not a must. But I need to manage a few private mail server accounts.