Motherboard Manufacturers Outline Solutions to 6-Series Chipset Flaw


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After news of a design flaw found by Intel in its 6-series chipset spread like wildfire, motherboard manufacturers are starting to issue press releases with information on what consumers can do if they have an affected board.


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What was awesome about Asus' statement is that they are resetting the warranty periods for all P67 motherboards. If you bought one of the first ones on the market, Asus is restarting the warranty of the date of the press release so you could continue to use it for even longer and only send it back if you experience problems.
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My board is rocking right now in Foldenstein, 66% into a SMP workunit soon to start a BigAdv till I get me my dang 1156 bracket for my Mega (so I can hit 4.8 at less than 1.38v :p). Its only running a 5400 RPM laptop drive so no biggy. Also on top of that, out of the 8 SATA ports on the board only 2 are affected but by that article it will probably never happen but I may still RMA my board. My P8P67 PRO was also free HAHAHAH :p