Microsoft Shows Off Windows 8 at D9 Conference


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At the D9 conference being held this week, Microsoft decided for the first time to give a public preview of its upcoming Windows 8 OS, and what a showing it is! Whereas Windows Vista had similar styling as XP, and 7 was simply an evolution of Vista, 8 looks to make the traditional interface we've become used to obsolete. Hope you're ready for touching!


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Microstupid needs to work on the current OS and fix the bugs with it, not say "Oh look, there are bugs in the current Windows. LET'S MAKE A NEW ONE!" Retards...*sigh*


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I think software developers in general suffer from this problem. Look at GNOME and KDE ... same problem. With that said, I'll admit I am interested in touch displays. They are interesting, although won't gamers always need a keyboard and mouse/gamepad?


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Frankly I don't see much use for touch screens in desktop computers, except for kiosk like interfaces. For a daily usage routine it's not even practical or comfortable because of the way a screen is positioned on our desks. Works on movies, but not in real-life usage and I guess laptops face the same problem.

Other formats do a better job at making good use of touch screens. Just can't see any benefit for desktops and laptops/netbooks. Still, this is pretty much Microsoft showing they are finally (about bloody time) coming with a satisfactory TS interface. But this inclusion in Windows 8 for desktops will be just a curiosity for the vast majority. The real target is Windows Phone 8.

I appreciate the fact they include it with the desktop version though:

1. It reveals a tendency to unify mobile devices with desktop devices in the Windows ecosystem that may create good and interesting opportunities for hardware and software makers and consumers alike. Especially interesting when seen in the light of Microsoft push to support ARM on the desktop. There's a real opportunity for the most integrated OS ecosystem in existence.

2. Futurology aside, a most immediate benefit will certainly be a better development environment for anyone wanting to develop for Windows Phone 8 (for cellphones or tablets). Since the TS infrastructure will be all in-place with the desktop version of the operating system (and supported by .Net), any emulation needs only concern itself with the hardware specs, not the presentation which will be guaranteed.


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I don't plan to buy a TS capable monitor anytime soon, and I'm sure most desktop users feel the same way. So I'm slightly worried about what else Windows 8 will bring in the way of "improvements"... may be somewhat silly but if the TS interface is the major selling point I genuinely wonder if there will be anything else?

I'm sure Microsoft will be advertising their app store like they did with Vista Ultimate's Extras... but what else is there? Since Win 8 is indeed going to show up next year I'd hope there's more to the OS than just those features.