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Hi all,

Since i had bootup issues with my pc and its not solved yet. I tought its a good idea to test my ram (tripple channel) socket 1366 i use Mushkin 3 x 2gb.

Should i test the ram all at once 3 x 2 gb in one go? And finish the 8 phases if i'm correct.

If i do get errors it could be the ram or dimm slot thats faulty.
And then memtest each individual ram at a time.

How long will it take to complete the test with all ram installed?

Thanks in advance


I would start with all the RAM installed. I would fire up memtest and check on it after an hour or so. If you get errors you know it is RAM and can start trying to figure out which stick/slot is causing the problem. If you don't get errors I would let it keep running for an extended period to try to rule out a memory problem (overnight maybe).

Is it POSTing? Are you getting blue screens when windows loads up?


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I'm with x.clay. Run it all and if you get errors then you get the wonderful task of trying it one stick at a time in one slot at a time. Yay!

I tend to run it overnight but be sure to run it at stock speed and frequencies. If you're overclocked that could be the culprit.


Thanks for the reply's

@ x.clay pleace read the text below.
@ i dont plan to overclock never did in those 9 months that i have my pc.

Now it does post/boot succesfully for 3 days now......

Anyway here is the problem:

First of all here are my specs:

Intel Core i7 920 (do) at stock speed
EVGA x58 SLI LE motherboard
Intel Postville ssd 80gb
WD Black 500GB HDD
Optiarc DVD rom
Corsair HX650W PSU
Mushkin 6gb (3 x 2gb) RAM
Watercooled the cpu and gpu

Now for the problem:

After 9 months or so without any problems could game just fine (crysis, modernwarfare, etc etc), browse, watching movies without any hickups.
Until a week ago when the problems began.

One day when i started up my pc i couldnt hear a beep wich for me means everything is ok. Altough all fans are spinning led lights are on. But no visual signal to my screen. So i restarted my pc and it posted and booted succesfully into windows at that point i could do everything without problem. Except for one day when i had a BSOD and my pc shutt off automatically.

So the issue remained after an cold boot (not always sometimes). Any way here is what i did: CMOS cleared a fresh install of windows Vista 64 sp1, made sure my 500gb hdd was formatted in the windows install options. Installed my chipset drivers for MB. And newest driver for my gpu.

The problem seems to be solved for a couple of days that is...
3 days ago i pressed the power button and voila i could hear the beep wich signifies a good post as before. But when i pressed my screen button, it wouldnt go through the info screen (type cpu ram speed etc) it just hangs there. I restarted my pc and this time i could use windows.

I heard it could be my ram, could be my gpu, could be my MB, or cpu, hdd. Or due to cold weather now its winter, the cpu socket could have expanded due to cold. Or my waterblock is screwed to tight wich it doesnt i used the exact specs of installing my Heatkiller cpu waterblock max 200n of force wich i'm below that.
The problem is i have no spare psu, cpu, ram, gpu, hdd, ssd, mb etc.

I hear virtualization in bios should be disabled in bios perhaps this could be the cause of my problems is this true?

thanks in advance
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I would start with your RAM since it is easy to test. Boot straight to memtest and I would run it overnight and see if it comes back with any errors. If memtest doesn't give you any hints I would run diskcheck on OS drive. If you are getting a BSOD it would help to know what the error code is. If your PC automatically restarts after getting a BSOD you can change your settings in Windows so it will stay on the blue screen (should be able to find with a google search). This would help you troubleshoot your problem.


Ok i run Memtest originaly i would run it 8 hours. But in the end it was 12 hours.
Pas:11. got zero errors not one thankfully.

Next is Prime95 and 3Dmark.
I know prime95 is uses to test stability of an overclocked cpu. Mine isnt overclocked is prime95 good to test my stock cpu stability?, i hardly put in on stress i game now and then browse, watch movies. But no heavy applications.

My OS is on my SSD do you know a good application for testing errors/stability, not particular a benschmark. But like memtest for ssd's?

Also wich diskcheck should i use for checking my mechanical HDD 500gb for errors?

Il look into the thing you mentioned regarding BSOD that it wont go away that fast via google thanks.

Thanks in advance


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There seems to be no reason it shouldn't be working right. Make sure all the bios settings are correct and if there is no problems in there try to re-seat the cooler and the chip.