Logitech Z Cinema Speaker System

Rob Williams

Staff member
These are USB-based speakers... no sound card in the PC needs to be used. You just plug them into an available USB port and plug the power into the wall, and you're good to go. Whether or not these speakers are right for you or not, I'm unsure. I'll let Rory speak for that.

Rory Buszka

Partition Master

Rob is right on -- these are USB speakers, which means that the 'sound card' is built into the speaker system, and your PC simply transmits a digital signal over the USB cable for conversion in the speakers themselves. You're right -- your existing sound card will simply be taking up space. You can move your sound card to another PC if you wish -- the Z Cinema's internal DAC is plenty good enough that you wouldn't reap much benefit from upgrading it.

And no, as with an ordinary media center remote, the Z Cinema's remote does not control the mouse pointer.





This set looks kickass. Been reading about this set and logitechs z-2300. Besides that i been looking at AL PT6021 (though i dont like the design that much / shape of the sub).

One of the things i would like to know is, can Z Cinema's speakers be wall-mounted? Cuz as far as i know, Z-2300 cant be wall-mounted :( sadly..

Hope someone can help me out here.