k|ngp|n Sets 3DMark 11 Extreme Record with EVGA Hardware

Rob Williams

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Overclocking world records are broken so often, that normally I don't even read into what the accomplishment was when I'm sent an e-mail - it'll just be broken next week, after all. But the latest accomplishment of Vince "k|ngp|n" Lucido isn't just impressive because of the overclock, but because of the unbelievable amount of high-end hardware being used.

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Tech Monkey
oh god yes, it evaporates completely in like 15 min. I would hate to have that LN2 bill.
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Basket Chassis
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Yay! Now strangers on teh Interwebz will think I'm cool!

I can't blame him though. If I had access to that stuff and time to do it, I'd likely have a mad laboratory too.


Techgage Staff
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Really? Five 1200w power supplies?? Not sure that says good things about EVGA power supplies... :p