Is the only reason you mod to show off?


Is the <u>only</u> reason you mod to show off? Very curious if you mod for any <u>practical</u> purposes. For example, modding to improve air flow in the case or modding to improve cooling. Or modding to get better overclocking?


I modded for a practical reason here. I had an Antec solid steel case (was a very old case). It had a air holds all along the side panels. I attached 2 fans by to the air holes and now the case effectively is kept at a decent temperature, even during the summer when it gets hot.


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I mod so that my Dremel won't get rusty ;) Nah, honestly I mod so that I'm not looking at the same boring beige box that everyone else has. Plus it keeps my Dremel from rusting.


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I mod for the satisfaction of knowing that not only is my machine a screamer, but it looks mean and is one of a kind unique.

Kinda like hot rods... some people like sleepers, but I'm a big time fan of the smart and clean hot rod with the OMG! graphics/flames. I originally started modding to gain more airflow, lower temps, and allow for better performance.

It evolved into not just performance enhancing modifications, but the frame of thinking like, "ok, I know how to make it cool, temp wise... how can I make it cool "appearance wise"?

That is how mine have evolved... hth!


This is a good question.

Why do I mod? Well there are many reasons. I mod to make my case more effective. Also I like things being "my way". The case manufacturer usually does not make the case, the way I would of made it myself. I fix that by modding the case to fit the way I would of built it. I then like showing it off a little when friends come over. So I have all different reasons for modding, and the reason I mod is a little bit of this reason and a little bit of that reason.


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To make the case mine and not like every othere off the shelf sort of thing. Another reason is just because I can.............;) Better cooling performance is another good reason.


SillySider03 said:
Yes, I mod for me. I have modded my Antec case for better cooling (cut away the sheet metal and added some fans), and an overall meaner look (painting the inside black). The case has no clear panels and nobody will ever see in it but me, my girlfriend, my cat, and the occasional friend that asks "Why does your PC sound like a wind tunnel?"...

Are you sure that you only mod for yourself? You posted a lot of screenshots and very big ones too. Looks like your showing off to me :D


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Nothing wrong with a lot of pics, I like pics. A pic is worth a thousand words and they also tend to back-up what you're saying...............;) Long live a ton of the way, I post a ton of pics also...............:)


Hmm a good question that I sometimes have to ask myself after putting in hrs. and hrs. of blood, sweat, and cash. Mostly because I enjoy the entire process of design, and fabrication. The sense of accomplishment I get from a project that is either a unique mod or a "One Off" case is sweet. I mod for myself is the answer.:techgage:

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The main reason I mod is for better cooling. I am starting to do it for aesthetic reasons, but most commonly, I mod for cooling.


I've only done 2 mods and both were for functionality. I don't consider flashy lights, case graphics, LCD panels, etc, to be modding so much as aftermarket parts. You can buy a Mustang and add the bling, or you can mod it by using a better engine. In the case of the latter, you're altering stock, but the former leaves stock and just gets chicks. :D

SO, having said that, I mod to increase functionality or add something that's lacking. I add the lights, the LCDs and the other bling cause it's cool to think that my computer looks cooler than yours even if I can't beat you in Halo (though I probably could put up a good fight).


Modding is what defines me as a computer enthusiast. I can't afford the latest or greatest hardware, so modding is one way to express that I'm giving it an 'all-out' effort. I've made my own glass window, case-light, bezel, drive-cages, and custom paint. (I'm in the process of cutting up an old aluminum pot for my next mod.) Nothing has been over $5.00 in parts.
Modding doesn't have to be about aftermarket parts. I personally use left-over paint, scrap steel and plastic, old toys, etc. To me, modding is about using artistic talent and craftmanship, not buying stuff.


why i Mod

I ,well i wanted to do something differnet then any of the other people in my area of ohio(Cowtown U.S.A.),not many modders here .so this is tops in my area althu it could be much better,Tip:Never buy a Logysis Clear Case,why?hard to clean altu cools dramatically well in spite all of the forums are saying that they run hot i think its more of the location of where its located in your home,dont laugh its my first attempt at (Commercial)modding.


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Hey, It's fun for the whole family:D
It's hypoalergenic :rolleyes:
Void where prohibited:(
May cause drowseyness ( at late hours of modding ):cool:
Objects appear closer than they really are:)


I quit gambling and had to spend it on something:eek: