iO7 Update Almost Broke The Entire Internet


Soup Nazi
According to apple it was 200m and that accounted for half... did you read the entire article?

On Monday, Apple confirmed that iOS 7 had been downloaded onto 200 million iOS devices. And other third parties reported that the adoption had pushed past 50% of all iOS devices, a far faster clip than previous updates.

If that nearly broke the the entire internet I guess Georgia must be on a different trunk because my service never changed from what it normally is, 25mbit.


Basket Chassis
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No slow down here, so I'm thinking things have been sensationalized just to suck in some readers. Maybe things were different in major metropolitan areas, but you'd think that there would be more people running around like their hair is on fire because the end is nigh! The Internet is going to implode!!!

If it's a company's internal network that was stressed, then that's different and the responsibility of the network infrastructure team to balance things out. You can't blame that on the Internet.