Intel Rolls Out Three More 'Upgradeable' Processors

Rob Williams

Staff member
Last September, Intel rolled out its first-ever 'upgradeable' desktop processor, Pentium G6951, and since then, the company has kept quiet about its potential successes or follow-up products. Given this, and also the fact that the G6951 and idea behind it was rather controversial, it lead many to believe that both were dead in the water.


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Basket Chassis
Staff member
You hit the nail right on the head. This is to play on people who don't know much about computers. 200-400mhz? He said mega! That must be HUGE!

*sniff, sniff*

I smell money grab. If we were talking about extra cache, HT -and- an extra core it would certainly be warranted but a simple boost this small won't give any noticeable real world improvement to performance.


Tech Monkey
WOW... Dumb idea!

1) About a week after this goes into production someone will have a torrent out there to do the upgrade "illegally" (i.e. without paying for it)...

2) Why on earth would anyone buy a machine knowing the CPU is half crippled? Even the dumbest of users should be able to figure out that it's not really an "updrade" but they are instead bying a "downdraded" system...