Intel Releases Z68 Chipset; Features SSD Smart Response Technology

Rob Williams

Staff member
In a launch that should come as surprise to no one, Intel has taken the veil off of its Z68 Express chipset. Though it might seem a bit odd to release a follow-up to P67 so soon (not even counting the two months that no boards were even available), Z68 is to become the higher-tier chipset; one that's a bit more expensive than P67, and offers a couple of niche features for those who want them.


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Basket Chassis
Staff member
After putting in some time with the Z68X-UD5 board that is being used in our upcoming disk caching article, the answer is yes. And no. I haven't had a chance to check out Quick Sync yet but hope to in the next few days along with GIGABYTE's new Touch BIOS.

Everybody will just have to wait, read and decide for themselves.