Intel Begins Shipping Bugged Sandy Bridge Chipsets


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It's been merely a week since Intel announced a fault found within its H67/P67 chipsets, but given the amount of chatter around the Web in that time, it almost feels like it's been a lot longer. Although consumers are still stuck in a bit of a rough spot, or more of a waiting game, Intel is busily pounding out revised chips that should be shipping to vendors soon.


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well my $600 budget is ready for a CPU,Mobo and Ram! But the only available CPU here as of now is the i5-2300 and the Asus P8P67 Motherboards, which i think, have the faulty SATA as u mentioned in the article! :(

i think i'll wait till summer or just keep my system till it(CPU) gives up on me! :D

ps: do u guys have the i5-2300 or the i5-2400 for future review?! :)


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Hopefully by the time those boards replace the current stock (most of which has been pulled by just about all of the major online retailers in Canada thank goodness), the 2500K will have dropped in price.

I'll need to sell my current board and chip in order to fund it but after that, I'm done with the upgrades for a bit and will likely catch the upgrade bug on the next tock cycle.