In the TG Lab: Intel's DX58SO2 Motherboard


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Where computer processors are concerned, Intel is a name that comes to mind immediately for many people. But aside from being responsible for creating some of the fastest processors on the planet, Intel has a slew of other product lines as well, such as chipsets, NICs, solid-state drives, and of course, motherboards. The latter is a category that's been hit or miss for Intel over the years, depending on how you look at things.


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i had an Intel D865GBF for 3 yrs with me Pentium 4! Still working fine with me little cousin, so its 7 yrs now!


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They're built like tanks but usually come with a price premium. Sorry, but if I can get a full blown enthusiast board, which Intel just doesn't seem to be willing to roll out, I'm going to go for it.