I tripped over some money!


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Sorry, I should have mentioned it is the Callisto Deluxe. Fancy!

*pinky finger up*


Got me on that one, I wasn't even aware Mushkin re-released their SSD series with the SF-1500 firmware package. I guess the Vertex 2 isn't the only one packing it anymore.:)


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The Vertex 2 was on sale before Christmas for less than the Mushkin drive. Too bad the gift cards took so long.

The drive should show up this week (10 business day shipping - blech!) so I'll use it for my OS and maybe a choice game or two if I have the room. The rest of the games will go into what is now my primary partition for my OS since it's closer to the spindle and the rest will remain storage.

Lots of toys coming this week I hope...


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I figure I should probably put up some ATTO results, so here they are. I didn't tinker with the test at all so these are simply using the default setup in the application.




A few websites in Canada had that drive advertised for as low as $45.00 a week or so ago. It turned out to be a distributor pricing error and most people had their orders cancelled. I did hear of a few people getting them though. Sadly I wasn't one of them :(