Have a Clean Mouth? You Get Plants vs. Zombies for Free!


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This is, without a doubt, one of the strangest game promotions I've ever seen... but it's worth it. The folks at PopCap have teamed up with the American Dental Association to offer both a free game (Plants vs. Zombies) and free... dental advice. That's right - if you were unaware of the "2x2" rule, you're soon to learn it along with some other tips. Free game and a clean mouth? That's a combination I can get behind.


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Don't worry. People with poor dental hygiene can get the coupons also. I know because I got mine.


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I guess the ADA doesn't mess around.

"Sorry, only residents of the US are eligible for this promotion"


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Bullocks, I missed that!
Darn! :(

But that sure explains something that was confusing me: Why would Steam put Plants vs. Zombies in its Halloween sale if this offer was being made?

Quite rude of them in any case! There was no info saying that and they did allow non US residents to get the coupons.
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