Got my Nexus 5 hope it looks this good in 3 years.


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Rob made the comment like 6 months into me owning my Galaxy S2 that it still looked in good shape. I had to laugh because the plan was for it to be perfect 2 years later. It has held up very well so far the main fail point is the USB ports of course.

I didn't take photos for the first couple of days so this is as close as I have to an unboxing:

I removed the Invisible Shield from my Galaxy S2 and for the first time ever felt what a screen should feel like. Here are the 2 phones side by side:

The color is a bit off and I didn't feel like re editing but you can see what the screen protector looks like after all this time:

Not liking the fact my new case doesn't protect the bottom front:

The Gallery is here not much else to see though - 5

I ran it stock until I got home plugged it in typed:
fastboot oem unlock
fastboot rebooot
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
Rebooted into recovery and now I am on CyanogenMod 11. Love having an easy phone to do this on even easier than my unlocked S2.

Battery life has been awesome. I get 16 hour days with 3 hours of screen on time and still not running out of battery. Not bad for the battery size versus the phone and at that rate I will be much happier than I was with the S2.
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I've had mine for about 2 months now. We had intended to actually do a review of it, but the holidays were on us, things got busy, blah, blah, blah.

Going from a Nexus S to this is like going from a Pinto to a Ferrari. My battery life is out of this world, the's stupid fast, and I don't see myself needing to upgrade until it gives up the ghost.

Because I need mine for work, and can't have any lapse in my warranty, I left the bootloader locked.


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Because I need mine for work, and can't have any lapse in my warranty, I left the bootloader locked.

You can remove the tamper flag as well as relock the bootloader but of course only if the phone is working enough to do so and thats where you never know what the situation will end up being.

Problem with warranty and RMA is you never know how long you will be without the phone. If you bought it through your carrier you might be lucky enough to get it swapped on the spot. If you smash it that could be a different story. For me I bought it through T-Mobile but only so I could get it local. I can't insure it through them since I don't "have a carrier or a plan". Saw a guy recently smashed his, RMA to LG and the standard $146 USD to replace it with a refurb. Took 3 weeks total.
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I am jealous, that's an amazing phone. I just don't have an actual -need- for one so robust given how often I actually use my phone. But still... it's a wicked model. Grats on the pickup :D