Google killing off 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button?


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How many years is the google search engine? I think I've been using since it's very inception back when. Mostly because I completely despised the then Web Portal (and directory) approach to search engines.

... and yet... If I say I clicked the I'm Feeling Lucky search button 3 times in all this time, I may be overstating.

Rob Williams

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I've just realized that with Google Instant, clicking that button is impossible! As soon as you begin to type, it changes the page and removes the button. I can see why they'd want to get rid of it, then.


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I never used it and I am glad to see it go really. Optix you do know they have search engines out there just for that sort of thing now right?


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Actually it used to be there with Google Instant. It's not anymore. Didn't notice that change until you mentioned it. Smart of them. Possibly a 2 step plan; First make people forget about it, then quietly remove it. Better than just removing it and facing a barrage of criticism by folks who... actually never used it, or don't care :p


Tsk. You can never have too much of a good thing.


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You know they use to put on death certificates masturbation, so some one use to think there could be to much of a good thing. (c;

Really! Weird! They probably thought it was depleting your "life energy" or something like that. Some of the stuff they thought back in the old days seems pretty far-out now. Breath was your soul. Illness was caused by magic spells and curses (witches, wizards, etc ...). That was before they came up with germ theory. Hmm. What else?