Google eyeglasses


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I admit looks cool. Couldn't possibly stand the social web thing and would turn that stuff off. But the rest would be neat.

Reminds me also of Project Detroit; a salvaged 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback that displays telemetry and map data on the windshield.

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It seems kind of stupid to me. Plus, they cut the part where he isn't paying attention to where he's walking and gets taken out by a bus.


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Nothing worse than listening to someone eat in high-definition, complete with fake sounds of overindulgence and grunting with confirmation... OK, I lie, there are things worse, but still...

Still not sure about this, would have thought contact lenses would be better, but one step at a time. I can see it now though - go to the bathroom, look down then mutter "Why does everyone want me to 'share with circle'?", screenshots were taken and his life was ruined.