Gigabyte X58A-UD3R + i7-920 overclocking adventure


well i finally got my watercooling setup my adventure begins.
i'll post all my overclocks that i am able to achieve with this combo here.
i'm also supplementing my WCing with my airconditioner.i'm using a dryer
vent hose that runs from my AC to my radiator so i'll have a little more head
room for my OCs temperature wise.

Heres a picture of my cooling setup.not the prettiest i know,but it works great.

hardware used

□□MB□□Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
□□CPU□□i7-920 #3845B027
□□MEM□□G.Skill DDR3-2200 cl7

ok,i decided to start with 4.2Ghz overclock.after some tweaking i was able to
get this one stable.this is the OC i'll use for crunching.

21x200@4200 w/1.21v DDR3-1600 6-9-6-21 1t
Prime95 Blend 4hrs running

Prime95 Blend 4hrs stopped

21x200@4200 DDR3-1600 6-9-6-21 1t
***Everest CpuQueen*****Everest PhotoWorxx*******Everest Cpu Zlib*********Everest Cpu Aes****

Everest Cache & Memory Benchmark

and then i went straight to 4.5Ghz
and i still have plenty of head room temperature wise.

21x215@4515 w/1.37v DDR3-1720 8-8-8-21 1t
Prime95 Blend 2hrs running

Prime95 Blend 2hrs stopped

Heres a Linx run

21x215@4515 w/1.37v w/HT onDDR3-1720 8-8-8-21 1t
LinX 20 runs completed-Vista x64

heres some Everest benchmarks at 4515Mhz

21x215@4515 w/HT on DDR3-1720 8-8-8-21 1t
***Everest CpuQueen*****Everest PhotoWorxx********Everest Cpu Zlib********Everest Cpu Aes****

Everest Cache & Memory Benchmark

stay tuned,i'll have plenty more OC's to come and also some benchmarks:D

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You certainly have one hell of a sweet Core i7 920 there, I wish mine would perform that high with those voltages!

Don't forget to use LinX when you find settings you want to confirm as stable... I can run Prime95 at 4.5GHz, but LinX causes a spike in temps that makes the overclock then fail even with water. My CPU doesn't like temps above 90c and if I am near the edge of stability 90c+ temps can cause it to fail.

I need 1.37v minimum in CPUz just to run 4.2GHz, but I give it a bit more just as insurance. That's a hell of a CPU you are running and I hope you have fun with it! :)

Hmm, are those Ripjaws you're using?


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Damn Radaja, that is a hell of a CPU to run that high with that low a voltage... even with your ad-hoc air ducting system to keep it cool. :D I wish I could find a Core i7 930 that would even match that, I'd be in overclocking nirvana for another year...

I assume you're going to keep that CPU given your new system... ;)


i'm not sure,i just got it about two weeks ago and it took me a few weeks searching for this specific batch.i placed wanted ads looking for either 3845B027 or 3849B018 and as luck would have it someone had the 3845B027 for far it been pretty good but still not as good as my old 3849B018 batch that i sold.that one did 4.2Ghz w/HT on w/1.16v.that was a great cpu.but this one is good i guess we'll see.