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Greg King

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So, I can't recall if we have done this in the past but a search of our forums returned no results for me so here it is.

What are your gamer tags? I play a lot of games and I know that you all do to. The following are my tags. Add me if you want and if I'm online, we can grab a game.

Sony PlayStation Network: DrunkSinceNoon

XBOX 360: DrunkSinceNoon

Steam: mordecus

I am rarely on the 360 unless its to game. I am almost always logged into the PS3, for gaming, media streaming so if you see me on there, I might not be gaming. Either way, we are a fairly close community here at Techgage and we make up a sub-community of the gaming world at large. Why not game together when we can?


Basket Chassis
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Steam: xOptix78
GameSpy (for Borderlands): xOptix78

I see a trend.

Normally I don't get to game much until about 9pm Eastern to 1am.
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Rob Williams

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Raptr: Deathspawner
Steam: Deathspawner
Xbox Live: Deathspawner
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Tech Monkey
Xfire: Kayden, Xbox 360: Kayden3 360, PlayStation 3: Kayden-E41, Steam: Kayden

Gamespy or Comrade: Kayden
Now for Crysis & Crysis 2 they also use Gamespy they say they don't but they do, and for some reason my alternate ident has to be used it's: Kayden3
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No ROM battery
Steam: Marfig
Raptr: Rahtgaz

You should not see me online except when I am. If you see me online when I'm not, report it to me!
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