FX-9370 or FX-8350....(vrm and voltage concerns...)


Hi all,

First my system specs planned for this build:

Lian Li PC-A05NB case
ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
Kingston KHX1600C9D3K4/8GX - 1.65V
Corsair TX850 psu
Intel SSD 40gb for OS
Asus GT210 Sillent gpu or possible gtx 670

Cooling (liquid):
Koolance CPU-380A
Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 Full Copper 240mm (push - pull)
Phobya DC12-220 pump
Tygon Norprene tubing 1/2id - 3/4od
Koolance fittings and clamps.

FX-8350 costs 170 euro
FX-9370 costs 199 euro (29 euro more why not...?)

Im not really into overclocking hence i want to opt for the FX-9370 but i do have some concerns in regards of the VRM's even tho the sabertooth has 8 + 2 but no extra 4 pin for the cpu (the MB is rated for cpu's of 140watt). Im wondering what would be the impact on the VRM's after a long time? (read there could be problems later on when extended use is applied). This system will be my next "workstation". The FX-9370 is just a higher binned FX-8350 correct? What about its voltage setting at stock is it the same default voltage as with the fx-8350?

My cooling should be good the only negative i see is the case flow from the lian li pc-a05nb even tho i wont be using it for heavy duty computing.

All i need to buy is the motherboard and cpu all the other components i already have from a previous build its just an upgrade.

Need some advise thanks in advance.


Basket Chassis
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The 8-pin power connector in the top left will do the trick in providing extra juice, so don't worry about it.

Rob Williams

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As Optix mentioned, there will be no issue using that CPU in that board, or with that PSU. I also have doubts the cooling will be a remote issue... overall that's a great-looking setup!


Thanks for the replies guys,

My main concern is the power draw of the fx-9370 and its impact on the vrm's even at stock...its like an overclocked fx-8350 (4.4ghz) meaning for that overclock most of the times one needs to increase voltage. The question regarding the fx-9370 which is: does it uses the same stock voltage as the fx-8350 also at stock? The reason why i contemplate the fx-9370 is due to no overclocking and overclocking means increase in voltage and stress for the vrm's i couldnt find intel about these topics online....

Perhaps i explained it better now...

Factory overclock = no need to mess with voltages and no fuss with hot vrm's correct?

Thanks in adance.


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Yeah, the whole point of a factory OC is so you don't have to worry or mess with anything. Ya just install it and go.

Something to consider is that with the 9370 (or most any CPU), you always have the option of underclocking it should you wish. But you shouldn't have any issues running such a hot chip. As I recall the 980X still beats it in power draw & heat anyway. :D