DirectX 11.1 is exclusive to Windows 8


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Microsoft needs a bigger foot, it's running out of places to shoot itself... or it just needs to load blanks instead.

Honestly though, this isn't going to make the blindest bit of difference when so few games use DirectX 10 or 11, let alone 11.1. There are a few things that 11.1 brings, but stereoscopic has had, at best, a lukewarm reception. AMD 7000 series supports 11.1 and NVIDIA GeForce 600 series too. So the vast majority of PC gamers won't have hardware capable anyway. Still silly making this exclusive, but so too was enforced use of Modern UI (even on Server 2012!!).


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We do need more Linux ecosystem reviewers at TG. And I'm running for the spot.

One big fat .... you to Microsoft!


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Lmao. This isnt a huge surprise, but it is annoying. DX 11.1 will not take off just like 10.1. Windows 8 will not take off either. M$ really is shooting themselves in the foot repeatedly recently, maybe they should just take an AK-47 to it?


It's amusing to say the least, big deal to the stereoscopic support for starters. I'm of the same mind DarkStarr lol just watch them flail about a bit.